Orphanage Visit

During a visit to the Punaruttan Samarastha Gurukulam orphanage, our students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable work being done to support and uplift orphaned children. The orphanage, nestled in a serene setting, provides a nurturing environment where children can grow,  learn, and thrive despite their challenging circumstances. 

Throughout the visit, our students had the chance to interact with the children, hearing their stories and learning about their dreams and aspirations. Despite facing hardships early in life, these children displayed incredible strength and determination to overcome obstacles and pursue a brighter future. The orphanage not only provides necessities such as food, shelter, and education but also fosters a sense of community and belonging among the children. Through various activities and programs, they are encouraged to develop their talents, explore their interests, and build essential life skills. 

From our side, we donated the following items: 

  1. Pencil box  
  2. Exam writing pad  
  3. Full scape notebook 200 pages  
  4. Compass box (geometry box)  
  5. ⁠Gel pens  
  6. ⁠Foolscap Ruled Pages  
  7. ⁠Erasers  

Overall, a visit to the Punaruttan Samarastha Gurukulam orphanage was a deeply moving and inspiring experience. It served as a reminder of the importance of compassion, support, and opportunity in helping vulnerable children reach their full potential. The dedication of the staff and the resilience of the children left a lasting impression on us, reaffirming the power of kindness and generosity in making a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Students were able to enhance their understanding of social issues and cultivate empathy towards needy people. Moreover, this visit raised awareness among students about various social initiatives and opportunities for involvement.

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Dr. Y. M. Gajmal

Best Paper Award

The Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce that our faculty Dr. Yogesh Manohar Gajmal received the Best Paper Award in Springer Conference – International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Network Systems (CINS 2023) held from 18 to 20 October at Dubai, UAE.