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Session on Mindfulness & EI

Mr. Raju Mandhyan shares his expertise on mindfulness with all of us. The session on mindfulness and emotional intelligence serves as a transformative journey toward self-awareness and enhanced interpersonal relationships. The primary objective of the session was to provide participants with practical tools and insights to develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Mindfulness, the practice of …

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Industrial Visit

I2IT students have participated in this BSNL, Chinchwad Pune where the students have been given the BSNL landline telephone exchange broadcasting station in Chinchwad, west of Pune, Maharashtra.

Smart India Hackathon

I²IT  hosted the ‘Smart India Hackathon 2023’ (Internal Hackathon) on 25th September 2023. Judges for the Hackathon were Mr. Abhijeet Shah: Chief Technology Officer, Pharmarack Technologies, Mr. Sachin Waikar: Project Manager, Zensar Technologies, Mr. Vikram Kamthe: Director, Aktana India, Mr. Prasen Vinchurkar: Consultant- Projects, International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate), Ahmedabad. The judges selected …

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Waste Management

Posters created for Audit Course of SE & TE on topics “Waste Management and Pollution Control” and “Green and Unconventional Energy” respectively. The participants displayed the posters under the competition and were awarded a prize based on criteria of creativity, presentation skills, teamwork and QA. Topics covered in the session : This course is conducted …

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Webinar on Innovations and Intellectual Property Rights

A Webinar by Dr Anand Kakade, Founder on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights was organized for all FAMT faculty and E&TC students. Dr Anand Kakade explored all the topics in detail with case studies of commercial products. He also explained ways to convert projects into a product. He explained the technical aspects of 12 commercial …

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