Design a Solar Home System for Homes

FAMT, in association with the Energy Swaraj Foundation led by Dr. Chentansingh Solanki, IIT Bombay, organized a free Certificate Course on Learn to Design a Solar Home System. Information about this course was sent to almost 1600 students studying in Engineering Colleges across the entire country. It was offered free to the students. The course concluded on 15th September 2020.

The students were required to watch a total of 15 short videos on solar system design followed by a quiz. After successful completion of the quiz with a mandatory score, they were awarded a certificate from Energy Swaraj Foundation. The course was open for anybody above age 14 years irrespective of educational background. An attempt was made to impart knowledge of the solar system and its design.

The initiative received an excellent response from almost every district across Maharashtra and from the country. 1102 students from almost 20 states participated in the course. Out of these 375 students completed the course and received the certificate. Prof. M.N.Tagare, Associate Professor, organized the online course.

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