Industry Expectations from Engineering Students

An Expert Session – Industry Expectation from Engineering Students coordinated by FAMT T&P Cell was a profound success. The event took place on October 17th, 2023, targeting the third-year students from the Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical branches for the academic year 2023-24.

The session aimed to bridge the gap between the industry’s expectations and the knowledge and skills imparted to our students. We believe that such interactions enable our students to better understand real-world challenges and be better prepared for their professional pursuits.

The esteemed Mr. Rajeev Jambhekar, former HR & Sr. Manager of Vinati Organics, graced the event as the chief resource person. With his vast experience in the field, Mr Jambhekar provided invaluable insights into the intricate demands of the industry, sharing his expertise and experiences to guide our budding engineers. The students eagerly engaged in an interactive session with Mr. Jambhekar, raising relevant queries and receiving firsthand knowledge of the current industry’s expectations, standards, and practices.

Feedback from our students was overwhelmingly affirmative. They appreciated the insightful nature of the session, asserting that it provided them with a clearer perspective of what the industry expects from them as future professionals.

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Dr. Y. M. Gajmal

Best Paper Award

The Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce that our faculty Dr. Yogesh Manohar Gajmal received the Best Paper Award in Springer Conference – International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Network Systems (CINS 2023) held from 18 to 20 October at Dubai, UAE.