Seminar on Personality Development & Interview Techniques

FAMT organized a Career Guidance Seminar on“Personality Development & Interview Techniques” on 19 February, 2019 for Final & Third year Chemical Engineering students, with the objective of creating awareness amongst students about their career.

The seminar began in presence of Prof. A. K. Bandsode, Mr. Rajeev Jambhekar, Prof Raju Marag and Prof N. G. Kanse. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Rajeev Jambhekar, HR Manager of Vinati Organics Ltd.

Prof. Raju K. Marag and Final year Chemical Engineering students coordinated the session excellently under the guidance of Prof. A. K. Bandsode (Head, Chemical Engineering Department). Total 56 students were present for the Career Guidance Seminar. Ms Simra Awote hosted the program. The lecture ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. Raju K. Marag.