CyberMinds Talk

In collaboration with IIC, and IEDC committees, FAMT organized ‘A CyberMinds Talk: Navigating Security for Students and Entrepreneur’ for all FAMT students on 4th January 2024.

Prof. V.V. Nimbalkar, the Head of Computer Science and Engineering (AI & ML) Department, felicitated the resource person Dr. Akshay Phatak, Entrepreneur, IT Computer Solution. Dr. Akshay Phatak has a Doctorate in Astrology and is also MCSA and CCNA certified. Prof. V.V. Nimbalkar, HoD Computer Science and Engineering (AI & ML) felicitated the respected Dean R&D and IIC Head, Dr Sandeep Chavada. All faculty members of the CSE (AI & ML) department were also part of this expert talk.

Dr. Akshay Phatak provided valuable insights into the world of cyber security, sharing his experiences, challenges, and strategies for staying resilient against cyber threats. Dr. Akshay Phatak addressed the critical topic of cybersecurity with a focus on the unique challenges faced by students in today’s digital landscape. He highlighted the strategies for safeguarding personal and academic information and discussed the importance of strong passwords and multi-factor authentication of all social media accounts. He created awareness about common online threats like phishing and malware.

Dr. Akshay Phatak shared the background that led him to raise awareness of cyber threats and their impacts among young generation. He discussed the cases of cyber-attacks that he has solved till now. Dr Akshay Phatak also talked about latest career opportunities in the cybersecurity sector. As a distinguished expert in the field, Dr. Akshay Phatak brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide students towards a rewarding and impactful career path. He offered valuable advice for individuals aspiring to start their businesses, emphasizing the importance of passion, persistence, and continuous learning. The conversation concluded with a glimpse into Dr. Akshay Phatak’s vision of helping needy people.

A total of 75 students attended the seminar.

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Dr. Y. M. Gajmal

Best Paper Award

The Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce that our faculty Dr. Yogesh Manohar Gajmal received the Best Paper Award in Springer Conference – International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Network Systems (CINS 2023) held from 18 to 20 October at Dubai, UAE.