Women’s Prowess 2019

I²IT (www.isquareit.edu.in) and the Natarajan Education Society (www.nesconnect.org) called for a national movement to enable millions of women to become entrepreneurs and create worthy jobs for their fellow citizens.

Pune has been a role model for women to succeed and the lessons can be taken country-wide! Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Founding Trustee of NES said “We have seen in the corporate and social sector that women, given the right encouragement and opportunities can exceed all expectations. In fact, in our eco-system which consist of eleven organisations, nine are led with distinction by women. The time has come for women to become entrepreneurs on a large scale and create the jobs and livelihoods the country needs.” He further spoke about generating skills for under privileged communities by partnering with Government, Micro Entrepreneurships. He

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