Industrial Visit to ISRO, JVS Electronics & Digital Circuits

An Industrial visit was organized for the students of T.E. Electronics & Telecommunication from March 01 to 07, 2018. 49 students along with 02 faculty members, Ms Prajakta K Kotwal and Mr. Ashwin B Chettri of the EXTC department visited three companies/organizations: ISRO, JVS Electronics and Digital Circuits.

At Indian Space Research Organization,(ISRO) Bangalore. Mr. H.L Srinivasa(Scientist/Engineer SC, ISRO, and Bangalore)explained the entire process carried out in ISRO to the students. He also exhibited and explained various satellite launch vehicles like PSLV, GSLV used by ISRO. Functioning of various electronics gadgets used in satellites were also described. He also briefed on the past and future missions of ISRO. This session boosted the morale among student and many have decided to work hard to join ISRO.

The next visit was to JVS Electronics where students had detailed knowledge of various relays. Later students visited embedded systems section. In the third industry, i.e. Digital Circuits students could witness the robotic arm mounting the SMD components on PCB and then a heated oven soldering the mounted components. Later THT devices and their bulk soldering was shown to the students.

The visit was successfully arranged with special effort of Mr. Anuj Oswal, Mr.Saurabh Dandekar and Ms Shriya Gokhale (student coordinators) under the guidance of Dr S. V. Chougule (HOD EXTC), Ms Prajakta K Kotwal(Asst. Professor) and Mr. Ashwin B Chettri.(Asst. Professor).

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Dr. Y. M. Gajmal

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